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The System 1

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Active Thermal Management makes and sells many different devices to solve heat problems in audio-video/home theater installations, but this is our most powerful and flexible cooling system. With more accessories and options than a Barbie doll, the System 1 can be adapted to almost ANY situation......!

This combination of an extraordinarily quiet air mover (an in-line centrifugal fan), rugged, flexible tubing, and a hot air collector that mounts with extreme ease to almost any enclosure, the System 1 is a simple, virtually silent, and inexpensive way to solve almost any heat problem you are likely to have. The hot air collector, which couples the tubing to the enclosure, is available in sizes from 6" square to 14" square, permitting great flexibility in coupling to racks, cabinets, etc.

Mounted close to the enclosure, the system will exhaust 150 cubic feet of hot air per minute. Mounted 20 feet away, it will still move over 100 CFM. Additional tubing is easily attached to the exhaust side of the AH-1 air handler to pipe the hot air out of the room or out of the house. The Swiss-made, precision-balanced impeller produces little sound, even at full speed.

It is similar in appearance to bathroom ventilators found in industrial supply catalogs, but turns much slower and is 8 dB quieter, measured by ISO standard3744.

The complete (basic) system includes the fan, 8' of acoustically-insulated flexible tubing, and a 6" x 6" hot air collector. Available accessories include thermal switches, current-sensing switches, speed controls, extra tubing, and a wide variety of fittings.

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