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.....your source for innovative products designed to keep audio/video equipment and home theater installations cool....... quietly!

Active Thermal Management solves the problem of heat in today's home theater systems. With more channels of audio (and more watts per channel), and the wide variety of A/V equipment found in even modest home theater installations, a lot of heat is being generated in equipment enclosures ---- not a good thing! Heat shortens the life of electronic equipment dramatically, and can cause operating problems; DVD and CD players that don't play, satellite receivers that melt their access cards!

The right time to think about equipment ventilation is during the planning stage of an installation, while enclosures are being designed; not when they're finished, installed,and full of (hot) audio-video equipment!

Offering a comprehensive assortment of devices to quietly cool individual pieces of equipment as well as systems that can ventilate large enclosures full of heat-producing components, we also offer a custom design service for unusual applications.

We don't just sell products ----- we solve problems.

Please e-mail or call to discuss what Active Thermal Management can do to protect and improve your Audio or Video system.

Remember ----"It isn't cool to run hot"
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