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Cool-Vent I Soundscape Price: $299.95*

Cool-Vent II Soundscape Price: $399.95*

Cool-Vent III Soundscape Price: $379.95*

Finished Size 3.5" x 15.5"
Rough Opening 2" x 14"

Finished Size 5.5" x 15.5"
Rough Opening 4" x 14"

Finished Size7.125" x 15.5"
Rough Opening 6" x 14"

*includes domestic delivery
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Designed to use in finished wood cabinets that require system ventilation and cooling, while maintaining the highest esthetic value. When ordering pleas specify wood finish.

Active Thermal Management has been supplying silent heat removal products to the custom installation community since 1999, for cooling both individual components and entire enclosures. A new product, Cool-vent, addresses a problem frequently encountered when ventilating a cabinet housing audio-video equipment.

While the need to remove air heated by the equipment housed in a cabinet or other enclosure is widely recognized, far less attention has been paid to the need to supply fresh air to the enclosure, despite the fact that without allowing this "makeup" air to enter, no hot air will (or can!) leave.

It is relatively easy to install exhaust fans to move heated air out of an enclosure; there's frequently enough clearance between the back of the cabinet and the room wall to permit moving the air into that gap. Alternately, fans can be mounted behind decorative grilles on the sides of cabinets, and occasionally on the top surface, tucked away behind a television receiver…………

A fresh air inlet location is often more of a problem. Ideally, it should be low, complementing a high location for the hot air exit, allowing natural convection forces to help airflow. When room location and walls preclude side and rear air entry, one solution is to bring air in through the "kick" panel, the vertical panel just below the front doors.

Close to the floor, it's an ideal location for access to the coolest air in the room, but kick-panel installations can be difficult to do, and can have that "Band-Aid" look.

Cool-vent solves the problem, easily and economically.

Cool-vent is a 15 " x 3 " (overall dimensions) wooden grille that fits in a 14" x 2" (nominal) rough opening. Available in 26 species of wood, from American Cherry to Teak, Cool-vent separates into fan and grille sections. Give the grille section to your cabinet supplier to finish when the cabinetry is finished to ensure a perfect match. (We've finished the one in the photo in Cherry.) Later, attach the fans to the grille and drop into the rough opening. The fans can attach in either direction, allowing one unit to be either an intake or exhaust device. Use one at the kick panel to pull cool room air into a cabinet; put another behind or over the system amplifier in the exhaust mode, and move that hot air out through a grille that perfectly matches the cabinet's finish.

Fans: 50mm x 50mm x 25mm x 6
Performance: 15 CFM (free air) 10 CFM (typical installation)
Airflow: Intake or exhaust; determined at installation

Optional finishes at extra cost:
Wood species: Red Oak, White Oak, Maple, American Cherry (stocked) Q-sawn White Oak, White Pine, So. Yellow Pine, Black Walnut, Ash, Poplar, White Birch, Red Birch, Central American (Honduran) Mahogany, Sassafras, Cypress, Beech, Cedar, Bamboo, Purple Heart, Jajoba, Ant. Heart Pine, Hickory, VG Fir, Redwood, and Teak available on special order. Also customer furnished material.

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