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Cool-stack III

Cool-stack III, the new 1 space high rack cooler, is now in-stock and ready to ship.

Soundscape Price: $450 delivered*
*includes domestic delivery


Soundscape Price: $329.95 delivered*

*includes domestic delivery
Adjustbale thermal switch for above unit $140 with purchse.

Cool-rack (described elsewhere) in the line for some time, a product that sits on top of a hot component, pulls the heated air out of it, and forces it out the rear of the rack.

Cool-stack, a 1-unit high true rack-mount ventilator. Very quiet in operation, Cool-rack mounts above the heat producing equipment and pulls the heated air up and out of the equipment, and out the front of the rack. Four fans on the under side of Cool-stack turn relatively slowly, making virtually NO noise as they bring room air in and exhaust heated air through many openings on the front panel.

In most cases, one exhaust-type Cool-stack is sufficient, but for larger racks, or larger heat loads, we now offer the "reversed" or intake-version Cool-stack. Just the opposite of the original, it's mounted as low as possible in the rack, with the fans facing upward. With an "intake" Cool-stack at the bottom and an "exhaust" unit at the top, a powerful convection current moves heated air out of the rack.

For small racks, use just the original "exhaust"-type Cool-stack. For racks with doors, we make the Cool-rack and the System 2 Rack-Mount, both of which will move heated air out the BACK of the rack.......

Cool-rack is equipped with 12 volt trigger control for ease of installation, or can be plugged into a switched outlet.

Specifications: Dimensions: 19" w x 8" d x 1 3/4" h

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Cool-Stack II™

Soundscape Price: $679.95 delivered*

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