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The Cool-shelf™

The Cool-shelf™ (equipment shown not included)

Soundscape Price: $204.95 delivered*

*includes domestic delivery

The next logical step after the original Cool-it™ was integrating it into a shelf which could hold an audio (or video) component safely above a hot amplifier or receiver. The two 120 mm fans would keep the lower component cool, while the shelf would support a signal source such as a VCR, CD or DVD player.

The Cool-shelf was born, and is now available to simplify component placement and allow more efficient use of enclosure space without heat problems Installation is virtually instant - just put the Cool-shelf on top of the amplifier or receiver, and put the VCR or CD player on top of the Cool-shelf. Plug Cool-shelf's power adapter into a switched outlet, and you're done! No switched outlet? No problem -- Optional modules are available to provide 12 volt trigger or thermostatic control and can be added at any time.

Specifications: Dimensions: 16" w x 14" d x 2 1/2" h
Capacity: 15 lbs. max

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