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Studiotech Ultra Series
Speaker Stands

The Ultra Stands combine all the performance features of the finest audiophile stands with attractive, furniture styling. Constructed using our high mass steel, the Ultra stands are designed for high performance speakers. The wood accents on the pillars match the wood finishes offer on our racks and cabinets. The result: a speaker stand that performs great and offers true furniture styling.



Constructed using our high mass steel and designed for high performance speakers. (US-24 Natural Cherry/Black shown)

Height: 24" & 30"
Dimensions: (W x D) 10" x 12"
Top Plate Size: 6" x 6"

US-24 Natural Cherry/Black - $249.00
US-24 Natural Cherry/Silver - $249.00
US-24 Rosewood/Black - $249.00
US-24 Rosewood/Silver - $249.00
US-30 Natural Cherry/Black - $279.00
US-30 Natural Cherry/Silver - $279.00
US-30 Rosewood/Black - $279.00
US-30 Rosewood/Silver - $279.00

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Last Update: December 21, 2017

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