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Studiotech Audio/Video Rack Accessories

We offer the following accessories to enhance the performance of your Studiotech a/v component racks.


Advanced high-performance design.
Lifetime Warranty.

Rolling Caster

Locking Rolling Casters for HF, ZR , and Alpha Series Racks.

RC-4 set of 4 $12.00

RC-5 set of 5 $15.00

(for Alpha Series AW-3 Rack only)

RC-6 set of 5 $18.00

(for HF Series HF-03 Rack only)

Ultra Rolling Caster

Locking Rolling Casters for Ultra Series Speaker Stands.

Set of 4 TBA
Set of 6 TBA

Vinyl Floor Glides

Vinyl Floor Glides for HF, ZR , and Alpha Series Racks
Protect Hardwood and other Surfaces
(Standard with all Component Racks)

Brass Carpet Spikes
Brass Carpet Spikes
Firm and positive stability for your Component Racks

(Standard with all Component Racks)

Equipment Racks

Ultra Series Racks

Alpha Series

High Fidelity Series

Performance Series

Speaker Stands

HiFi Series

Mid Fi Series

Ultra Series

Satellite Series



Extended Warranties Available!


We accept

over the phone or by E-mail.


If there is no authorized dealer in your area you can order directly from  Soundscape..

(707) 578-4434

Monday - Friday 12:00 AM - 5:00 PM (PST)

Last Update: February 5, 2018

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