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CineNova Grande 5
Soundscape Price:$ 4,557.60

Design Philosophy
Professional home theater system designers employ individual components which provide the best separation, and potentially a lot more power. Audiophiles agree that an audio amplifier is the heart of any system; It must be able to meet the demands of the softest musical passage to the thundering special effects of a movie, without sacrificing audio quality.

Fully buffered variable filters
Each monaural block features a built-in low pass/high pass variable filter; the fully buffered filter has a range of 20 Hz to 5 kHz. A 3-way switch controls the operation of the filter; with a simple flick of the switch, each amp can run in full range, low pass, or high pass mode.

Fault indicators
Each mono block is equipped with two (10 amperes) fuses designed to protect and monitor the voltage of operating rails (+/-). Each fuse carries its own fault LED indicator that illuminates when the fuse is burnt.

EZXS amplification blocks
Five detachable monaural amplification blocks (15 A capability), totally independent; each with its own power supply circuitry and pre-amplification stage. For ease of service, each block can be individually removed and serviced, without the need to dismantle the entire amplifier. EZXS is a trademark of Earthquake Sound corporation.

Thermal protection
Each monaural block is equipped with a thermal sensor, designed to shut down the amplifier when it overheats. Overheating is not typical, it only occurs if the amplifier is over driven with low impedance speakers, or if the amplifier is located in an improperly ventilated space.


5.1 surround system - The left and right channels- Front- contain the full audio bandwidth. The left and right speakers reproduce the full frequency range, have good balance, match each other closely, provide adequate loudness capability, and feature low distortion.

The center channel - Front carries dialogue and keeps it firmly centered on the screen regardless of where you're seated. Ideally, the center speaker and amplification would be the same as used for the left and right channels

The surround channel - Rear. Upon playback, the surround channel signal passes through a 7 kHz low-pass filter and a modified Dolby B-type noise reduction processor in the decoder to reduce both noise and distracting high frequency signals that might leak through from the front channels. The surround signal is also delayed slightly to increase the apparent separation between the front and surround channels.

CineNova Grande 3
Soundscape Price:$ 3,500.00


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