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The Genesis 2.2 loudspeaker system was created for those discriminating music lovers who know no compromises. This state of the art system is designed to reproduce music at live listening levels with virtually no restrictions on dynamic range, frequency response or imaging capabilities while all levels of distortion remain incredibly low.

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The Genesis 2.2's are a floor standing four piece dipole loudspeaker system featuring two woofer towers containing sixteen servo controlled woofers driven by a 1600 watt remote controlled Servo Amplifier and a pair of midrange tweeter panels.

Viewed from the front, the midrange tweeter section displays 12 tweeters and one midrange. Viewed from the rear, there are four tweeters visible.

Viewed from the front of the woofer tower, there are four eight inch metal cone woofers visible. The same driver compliment appears on the back for a total of eight woofers per woofer tower.

Each driver in this unique state of the art system has been designed to be a perfect piston within its useable frequency band. This atypical engineering approach is critical to the success of this high end loudspeaker. The frequency response of the speaker is 16Hz to 36 kHz (+/- 2 dB) and the sensitivity is 91 dB, one watt, one meter.

The tweeter, described by many reviewers in both the American and foreign Audiophile press as possibly "the world's best," is a 1 inch planar ribbon design. It is hand-crafted from an extremely thin laminated membrane of aluminum (the conductor and voice coil) and Kapton (the heat resistant carrier) and measures a mere 0.0005 inch thick. The advantage of incorporating such an extremely thin membrane is that of low mass. So low is the mass of the tweeter's diaphragm that the air in front of the tweeter has greater mass than does the diaphragm up to 30 kHz. The unparalleled low mass of the tweeter's diaphragm means that this driver has virtually no breakup modes beyond the human hearing range. Behind this thin ribbon is a precision machined and focused magnetic structure that permits the Genesis tweeter to perform in a very efficient manner (approximately 90 dB/watt meter). The result of this design is a driver that has a rapid and uniform response to high frequency transients. Further, this design enables it to move in a "push pull" manner for low distortion and with little concern for inertia. This solution has the speed of the best ribbon/electrostatic designs without the high distortion and poor dispersion that is typically associated with them.

The midrange driver on the Genesis 2.2 is a four foot tall single piece planar ribbon driver. Constructed of a very thin layer of aluminum laminated to a 0.0001 inch thick Kapton substrate and then surrounded by over 24 feet of barium ferrite magnets. The Genesis midrange ribbon driver has very low distortion due to its push pull design.

The woofers, the servo amplifier and its associated connecting cables form the basis of the Genesis 2.2 servo woofer system.

The Genesis 2.2 employs an active feedback system for the woofers that is based on an accelerometer mounted to the voice coil of the woofer. This active system lowers the woofer's distortion by a factor of ten when compared to a typical vented or sealed woofer system. In addition to increased linear response, transient speed and frequency extension are much improved over any conventional approach and in fact are anechoically flat to below 20Hz.

The servo controlled 8 inch woofers are a uniquely constructed metal cone driver. Made of two layers of machined aluminum with a space age polymer separating the two layers of aluminum (which also provides damping), the driver's suspension (consisting of the spider and surround) and motor circuit (consisting of the magnetic structure and coil assembly) have been maximized for long distortion free excursions to insure almost unlimited dynamic range.

Marc and Diana Silver at Genesis

While the Genesis servo system is able to correct a number of problems associated with the woofer, it alone cannot solve all the problems. For this reason the use of metal for the cone material was chosen to help solve a set of problems not able to be corrected by the servo system's accelerometer.

In any properly designed servo controlled bass system the ability of a driver to act as a perfect piston will be greatly enhanced (by as much as a magnitude) by the motion sensing accelerometer in one plane only. This plane of motion is, of course, the in and out direction. As mentioned, in this single plane of motion, the woofer can have a ten fold improvement in distortion and flat low frequency response with the incorporation of an accelerometer/amplification system. What this system cannot do is correct for non linearity's in any other plane of motion. For instance, because all woofers have dramatically smaller diameter voice coils than outer cone diameter they suffer from cone wobble and breakup which the accelerometer cannot sense and the electronics therefore cannot correct. Further, typical woofer cones are made from plastic materials such as polypropylenes that bend when accelerated.

Genesis has solved these well known problems associated with virtually every woofer system in the world. Proper design and construction of our metal cone woofers was the answer and our full systems approach of including our own servo amplification was the key that made the woofer design possible.

By incorporating a stiff, machined, twin layer aluminum cone into our designs, the problem of woofer wobble, cone bending and non linear distortions associated with cones not possessing the stiffness of aluminum has been eliminated. Our aluminum cones are a magnitude stiffer than any plastic cone on the market today and virtually eliminate the problems noted above. One drawback, however, associated with metal cones such as the ones used in our woofers is that of greater mass. There is a great deal of it. To overcome this problem, Genesis had to build a servo amplification system of great wattage, high damping factor and meticulously shaped equalization curves to perfect our woofer systems and render them virtually seamless.

In the Genesis 2.2, four 400 watt discrete high damping factor amplifiers have been designed within a holistic system of integrated connecting cables, custom tailored EQ networks and remote controlled crossover circuitry that completes the world's first and only totally self contained full range loudspeaker system ready to hook up to a single power amplifier of your choice. The crossover points of the woofers are user adjustable with nominal settings recommended at 16 Hz for the high pass function and 85 Hz for the low pass. Phase is also adjustable in five degree increments.

Each driver (except for the woofers) operates in a dipolar mode. The midrange ribbon driver is open in the rear and therefore has front and rear radiation patterns while the rear tweeter section uses four out of phase drivers to complete the dipole.

The dipolar nature of the Genesis 2.2 (except for the bass below 85 Hz) creates a double cardioid radiation pattern with nearly full frequency energy emanating from the front and rear. As seen from figure 1, the energy radiating to the sides of the speakers plane is nearly zero. Therefore, very little acoustical energy actually reaches the side walls in the speakers plane, allowing the speakers direct energy to dominate without the very first wall reflection.

This first reflection is a major factor in the blurring of ordinary loudspeakers response and can be characterized by a distorting room interaction. In addition, by virtue of it line source design, the Genesis 2.2 has no floor bounce which can result in a 4 to 8 dB dip at about 250 Hz. Having no floor bounce frequency anomaly and the lack of the first side wall interaction results in a nearly room independent speaker in the near field.

Therefore the Genesis 2.2, remarkably, allows the listener to experience the music unencumbered by the normal room iterations which plague most other speakers. Additionally the Genesis 2.2 utilizes the room in a most beneficial manner by using the room volume behind the speakers to reflect the musical signal delayed by 5 to 10 milliseconds. This delay time in no way interferes with the direct transient information but is delayed in time to allow the natural space and ambience contained in the recording to develop.

The Genesis 2.2 incorporates a state of the art crossover network for the midrange tweeter panels. The midranges low pass function is accomplished with the incorporation of a switch able tapped copper foil inductor. Three positions are available to roll the top of the midrange off, resulting in a very flexible loudspeaker. The tweeter's crossover network is constructed almost entirely from our own custom wound capacitor networks using the most expensive polypropylene film wound with equally expensive tin foil.

The Genesis 2.2 represents the current state of the art in relatively small floor standing loudspeaker systems and is the only system of this type with a truly integrated approach with respect to the woofer amplification.

One side benefit of the included woofer system, worthy of note, is the fact that almost any sized power amplifier may be used to drive the upper section of the Genesis 2.2. No longer must one choose between having enough amplifier power to adequately drive the woofers and yet maintain the spatial qualities found in many small power amps.


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