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If you are fortunate enough to own the absolute best in home audio equipment a serious audition of the KIMBER AG series is recommended. AG cables allow full musical potential to be realized. Old and new recordings alike are brought to life. You hear expansive depth unlike anything before, resolution of minute details appear from an absolute silent background. Instruments remain tightly focused in their respective individual places. These cables deliver musical goose-bumps.

LOUDSPEAKER CABLES: AG series loudspeaker cables are the perfect choice for the perfect music system. 4AG has 4 positive and 4 negative Silver VariStrandTM conductors. 8AG has twice the number of conductors, affording the least overall resistance. Both use our proprietary geometry with the two polarities counter-rotating each other. Custom configurations are available for complex bi- and tri-wiring/amping applications.

ANALOG INTERCONNECT: KCAG interconnect was specifically developed for the transmission of line level audio signals. Construction consists of 3 braided silver VariStrandTM conductors. One listen to equipment connected with KCAG will make you immediately aware of the true sonic capabilities of the system. Quite simply it defies any verbal description. KCAG is the ideal connecting link in an upscale music reproduction system.

KCTG interconnect is similar to the KCAG, but with 6 conductors, this interconnect is recommended where a higher level of performance is desired in systems capable of revealing extreme low frequency extension and impact.

DIGITAL INTERCONNECT: AGDL is a Silver interconnect specifically configured for digital data transmission. This is the defacto reference standard. What cable are you using?

TGDL is the step up from the AGDL, while the AGDL is the first choice for many system, this cable should be auditioned if you are using the very best equipment. If you like to brag about how much you spent, this is the one!

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