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We believe Ortofon makes the finest cartridges for Pro DJ use. We're often asked very basic questions about these products, simply because the information is not readily available through ads, catalogs, etc.

All of Ortofon's Pro DJ type cartridges come in two versions (except the Gold): The Concorde, which is the long, sloped type that replaces the factory headshell. And the OM, which attaches to the factory headshell the way that most other types of cartridges do. The specs between Concorde and OM of the same model are identical. And all models (except Gold) come with either spherical or elliptical styli.

Click on the model names at the top of this table to see .jpg images of the cartridges as well as a description of what makes the chosen model unique from the others.


Ortofon Cartridge

Ortofon CC Gold Kit includes one cartridge with extra gold elliptical stylus.

Gold E Concorde Kit Specifications:

Ortofon Concorde Night Club

Ortofon Night Club S Concorde Kit There is a second reason behind the overnight success of the Ortofon Pro Series: Before we developed the cartridges, we listened to the requirements of audio professionals and built into the design all essential features for disco and radio applications. And we have continued to listen, because even a great product can always be improved upon. The result is the new Ortofon Night Club Series featuring easier cueing, new styli, better sound, and higher stability.

Easier Cueing To facilitate cueing, the nose of the cartridge has an extra large cut-out which makes the stylus freely visible from above. The tip of the cantilever is fluorescent and furthermore, the stylus unit is made from a fluorescent yellow material. These details make the stylus highly apparent in spot light and totally luminous in ultra-violet light.

New Styli for Better Sound Several Ortofon technologies make it possible to realize high sound quality and low record wear at the high tracking forces that are necessary in disco environments. First of all, the low stylus tip mass - an Ortofon specialty - ensures improved tracking at high frequencies and very low distortion.

The Ortofon Night Club Series now can be supplied with elliptical styli for even better high frequency performance, as well as traditional spherical styli. Both these families of diamond styli are accurately cut to professional specifications, and their highly polished surfaces ensure even lower surface noise and an absolute minimum of record wear.

Sturdiness and Stability Apart from sounding good, a professional cartridge has to be rugged, and the Ortofon Club Series is very rugged indeed. Scratching and back-tracking impose heavy mechanical stress on the cantilever and its rubber bearing. Therefore, the Night Club cartridges are equipped with cantilevers made from aluminium tube with increased wall thickness. Special attention has also been paid to the attachment of the cantilever to the bearing and the design of the bearing itself. This means that rough treatment will neither damage the cartridge nor degrade its stability.

For All Tonearms and All Amplifiers The Ortofon Night Club cartridges are available in OM versions for the mounting in standard shells or in an elegant integrated design - the Concorde Night Club - for direct mounting in tonearms with standard sockets. Each OM Night Club cartridge comes supplied with a 2.0 grams weight plate which should be mounted between the cartridge and the head shell, if the tonearm is not otherwise adjustable to tracking forces of 3 grams and above.

NOTE: Ortofon Concorde Night Club E is the Elliptical version of the Night Club S


Ortofon OM Night Club E or the OM Night Club S

The Ortofon OM Night Club Series now can be ordered with elliptical styli for even better high frequency performance or the tradional spherical styli. The styli are accurately cut to professional specifications, and their highly polished surfaces insure even lower surface noise and an absolute minimum of record wear.

Each OM Night Club cartridge comes supplied with a 2 gram plate which should be mounted between the cartridge and the head shell, if the tonearm is not otherwise adjustable to tracking forces of 3 grams and above.

Both the Concode Night Club and the OM Night Club cartridges are available with either Eliptical as well as spherical styli.

Ortofon Qbert Concorde Cartridge Kit

Basic Specs:

Ortofon Concorde DJS

The new Ortofon DJ cartridges offers a very clear visible cantilever with a red spherical stylus point, which makes it very easy to locate the stylus in the groove. The strenght of the cantilever itself is also vital for a profesional cartridge, where rough handling is part of normal use. As a consequence the new Ortofon DJ cartridge has been provided with a special telescopic cantilever cosntruction, consisting of a double tube design where the diameter of the outer tube at the same time has been raised from 0.7 to 0.8mm. By doing so, the extraordinary rigidity of the cantilever has been achieved, without distorting the frequency response and thereby the well-known Ortofon accuracy in sound.

To make the cartridge even more resistant against violent handling, such as drop on the platter-mat or touch of fingers, etc., we have made the suspension of the cantilever more rigid against axial pull.

Ortofon OM DJ

Both the Concode and the OM DJ cartridges are available with either Eliptical as well as spherical styli.

Ortofon Cartridges: Scratch Concorde Kit

Among the technical qualities - referred to by the DJ's after testing - was the Sound, the very high output of 7mVolt and the very clear picture of the stylus position on the record surface. Having tested the new Scratch cartridge one American top DJ claimed: "I couldn't get it to jump out of the groove".

Ortofon Concord Scratch Kit Ortofon CC Scratch Kit includes one cartridge with extra pink spherical stylus.

The new cartridge models We found the name "Scratch" to the suitable for a new Orofon cartridge, doing this kind of job. The stylus unit as well as the cartridge body are made from a florescent neon-red material, which makes the complete cartridge highly apparent in spot light and luminous in ultra-violet light.

The Scratch cartridge is available in either the Ortofon OM version for mounting in standard head shells, or in the integrated Ortofon Concorde design for direct mounting in the tonearms with standard sockets. Bother versions can also be supplied in a convenient Box Set, with two extra stylus units, for practical protection and transportation.

Ortofon Cartridges Anti-skating and maintenance Our recommendation when adjusting anti-skating for the Ortofon Scratch cartridge, will only be about 2 gram, at the 4 gram recommended tracking force, because of the abnormal behavior of the tonearm when backcuing. To obtain optimal stylus performance, remove dust from the stylus regularly by using the small brush supplied with the cartridge by guiding the brush gently forwards in the direction of the diamond tip. From time to time clean the gold plated contact points on the Concorde cartridge or head shell with a small amount of propyl alcohol. Also the contacts inside the tonearm - now and then - will need this type for cleaning to avoid dust or sticky material to result in annoying disconnection. We do not recommend the use of propyl alcohol for cleansing the record surface, as resolved material will stick to the diamond tip causing deteriorated groove contact. As a consequence, the Ortofon warranty might not be valid when playing on wet record surfaces. Just clean the record with a fine brush or dustless cloth before playback.

Ortofon Cartridges: Scratch Concorde Kit Technical Data Output voltage at 1000 Hz, 5cm/sec. 7 mV Channel balance at 1 kHz 1,5 dB Channel separation at 1 kHz 25 dB Channel separation at 15 kHz 15 dB Frequency range at - 3dB 20-20.000 Hz Frequency response 20-15.000 Hz + 2 / - 3 dB FIM distortion at recommended tracking force, DIN 45.542 < 1 % Tracking ability at 315Hz at recommended tracking force 80 Ám Compliance, dynamic, lateral 6 Ám / mN Stylus type Spherical Stylus tip radius R 18 Ám Equivalent stylus tip mass 0,6 mg Tracking force range 3,0-5,0 g (30-50 mN) Tracking force, recommended 4,0 g (40 mN) Tracking angle 20░ Internal impedance, DC resistance 750 Ohm Internal inductance 450 mH Recommended load resistance 47 kOhm Recommended load capacitance 200-600 pF Cartridge color, body/stylus Neon red / Neon red Cartridge weight 18,5 g Replacement stylus unit Scratch

Ortofon Cartridges: Scratch Concorde Kit Technical Data

The Ortofon FAQ

The Ortofon FAQ has been created to help answer the various questions we receive about Ortofon Pro cartridges.

What is the difference between spherical and elliptical?
If you were to look at the needle from above, the spherical (sometimes called conical) would look like a circle, where the elliptical would look oval in shape. The eppiptical sets further into the grove and produces more detail, but tracks at lower weights and can show off more imperfections in your records.

Which model is the most durable for DJ applications and other forms or hard use?
The DJ S model. Either the Concord or OM Series

Which model(s) wear the records the least?
There is a lot of controversy about this question. Many say that spherical needles are easier on records than ellipticals. We really have no scientific proof to back up this claim. Most record wear comes from worn needles, excessive tracking force and improper anti-skate settings. The worse thing you can do is play a dirty record!

Which model offers the best sound for making tapes and/or CDs?
The Night Club elliptical.

Which one is the cheapest?
The Pro models. Even though these are the entry-level Ortofons, they still offer much better sound quality than everyone else's DJ-type cartridges.

If I order these from you, how do you ship them and how much does the shipping cost?
We include freight within the United States on all Ortofon orders. If you want special hangling then shipping cost depends on your desired method of shipping. Prepaid and credit card orders can be shipped via UPS next day air, or by the US Postal Service priority mail (cheapest method.) which takes 2-3 days. Please note that we DO NOT mark up the cost of shipping, you pay normal freight charges.

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