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ELS 3 ELS 3, Mini Monitor
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A mini monitor with a performance level that is astounding. At its price it can't be bettered...

Usually, a $300/pair speaker—especially one as diminutive as this—is replete with sonic tradeoffs and compromises. In the case of the Epos ELS-3, I was shocked to find no meaningful shortcomings, and strengths that I had not anticipated. But of all the speakers I've heard that are currently available, I can think of no speaker that produces greater sound quality for the dollar than the Epos ELS-3.

The Absolute Sound “The ELS-3's offer value with a capital V and I heartily recommend them…” Chris Martens

The first in a line of lower cost speakers, the ELS-3 mini monitor maintains the high standards expected of any product bearing the Epos name. Designed not only for high performance two channel operation, these new competitively priced Epos speakers will further satisfy a requirement in the 5.1 home cinema market, ensuring there is no need to compromise the audio quality in the name of home entertainment.

Utilizing a two-way bass reflex design, the ELS3 incorporates a 130mm woofer with injection moulded polypropylene cone with dust cap and rubber rolled surround on a heavy die-cast aluminium chassis. It has a dual magnet and shielding can, further enhancing its use in a home theater application. The 25mm aluminium dome neodymium tweeter is an entirely new Epos design and features the Epos logo directly moulded onto the faceplate.

In true Epos style, the ELS3 has a minimalistic crossover. In a deviation from the Epos real wood veneer cabinet, this new ELS3 cabinet features a vinyl wrap finish allowing the cost to be highly competitive. The choice of three colors remains, enabling the addition of these speakers to complement earlier models, should they be desired for use in a rear channel application. As you would expect from the manufacturer of such a well-respected brand, this new and exciting Epos ELS3 has a performance level that has to be heard to be believed.

EPOS ELS 3 Tweeter Features:
The new Epos Swift tweeter uses a 25mm diameter, 40 micron thick, aluminium alloy diaphragm, terminated by a Polyamide suspension. This combination reduces colouration and enables the driver to handle high power without distress.

EPOS ELS 3 Midrange Features:
The Lightning ELS130 midbass driver uses a robust 130mm diameter diecast aluminium chassis, similar to the larger 150mm driver and M 130 midbass driver. The cone piston is made from an injection moulded polymer. The rigid chassis provides exceptional detail resolution and transient response while the cones unique tapered profile gives improved performance over its bandwidth and provides smooth integration with the Swift tweeter. The driver will handle high levels cleanly without producing colouration or distortion. The cone piston is terminated with a specially designed positive roll front suspension. A ventilated woven spider rear suspension has been optimized to suit the desired frequency response characteristics of the driver.


Power Handling

25-100 Watts

Frequency Response

65Hz - 20kHz


4 ohms Nominal


87dB/1 watt/1 meter

Amplifier Compatibility
25 - 150 Watt
Biwire Terminals
2 Way

Driver Bass



25mm aluminum dome


Bass driver: 2nd order filter Tweeter: 3rd order filter at 3kHz crossover


12mm HD chipboard with 25mm front baffle


270mm(H) 174mm(W) 195mm(D)


4.5kg / 10lb


Gold plated screw terminals


Light Cherry, Dark Cherry or Black veneer

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Last Update: April 18, 2019

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